Ayurveda literally means the “Science of Life”. This time proven system of medicine has its origins in ancient India and is still being practiced today in many parts of the world with proven results.

Ayurveda is also called as Ashtang-ayurveda meaning science of life having 8 main branches encompassing

  • Internal medicine
  • Treatment of supra-clavicular disorders
  • Pediatrics
  • Geriatrics including Rejuvenation Therapy
  • Surgery
  • Psychiatry
  • Toxicology
  • Science of Aphrodisiacs.

A distinguishing feature which sets Ayurveda apart from other alternative systems of medicine is the fact that Ayurvedic treatment treats patient as a “whole” ie.a combination of the body,the mind and the soul(Ranade,S.1991) .This Vedic system of medicine repeatedly emphasizes the common origin of mankind and the universe.Our relationship with our environment is intrinsic.The elements which compose the universe also constitute the human body and therefore the laws which govern the universal elements also govern the human realm. These profound concepts based upon an astute understanding of the universal laws and practical observations about the world around give us the indication about the holistic approach of Ayurveda and its potential in alleviating many health related problems afflicting the whole of humanity

Health is essential for enjoyment of all the worldly pleasures in a righteous manner. Ayurveda goes much beyond the realms of ordinary medicine and gives practical measures on how to maintain and protect one’s health and well -being and promote longevity of life. Ayurveda is thus not just a system of medicine,rather it’s a way of life!  Illness, according to Ayurveda is a condition of imbalance which originates from some fundamental deficiency and something more than symptomatic relief is needed for its cure. Ayurvedic medicines predominantly being plant based are in close harmony with nature and hence easily assimilable by the human body.Ayurveda thus helps maintain the integrity of the unique elemental balance in each individual and treats the ailment at its root cause.

The universal principles of the Science of Ayurveda are applicable beneficial to one and all. The Vyas Pharmaceuticals feels the need to bring their extensive expertise to a wider audience around the globe in further pursuit of their belief in Ayurveda.