Within the Manufacturing Plants independent Quality Control Laboratories manned by expert Botanists,Chemists as well as eminent Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Physicians) have been set up to ensure that the finished products conform consistently to a high level of quality.Every raw material is thoroughly inspected and only after it is approved at the Laboratory does it find a place in the production process.The Quality Control Laboratory also keeps a careful and close watch on the medicines under preparation.At every important stage of the production process, samples are drawn, examined and necessary guidance given to the Production Department whenever required.Every finished product also comes to this Laboratory for inspection and approval. It is due to such rigid and ever vigilant Quality Control standards that Vyas Pharmaceuticals products have come to be regarded as the finest specimens the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia has to offer. As far as genuineness and quality of the product are concerned, Vyas Pharmaceuticals accept no compromise.The universal principles of the Science of Ayurveda are applicable beneficial to one and all. The Vyas Pharmaceuticals feels the need to bring their extensive expertise to a wider audience around the globe in further pursuit of their belief in Ayurveda.